Vince's Jaguar SS100 Kit Car Page

5-30-15 Bought the shell
5-31-15 Washed it up to see what I have to work with.
Took the following pictures.
  photo 20150531_150545.jpg  photo 20150531_150624.jpg
 photo 20150531_150552.jpg  photo 20150531_150611.jpg 
No latches for the doors yet.
 photo 20150531_150634.jpg  photo 20150531_150713.jpg
No gauges or pedals or anything else much on the inside.
 photo 20150531_150644.jpg
Seats and carpet aren't bad at all. They'll work fine until I get picky.
 photo 20150531_150652.jpg  photo 20150531_150659.jpg  photo 20150531_150706.jpg   photo 20150531_150736.jpg
Nothing up under the hood except for enough space to fit a couple dozen different engines.
 photo 20150531_150814.jpg  photo 20150531_150820.jpg  photo 20150531_150825.jpg  photo 20150531_150834.jpg  photo 20150531_150839.jpg  photo 20150531_150847.jpg  photo 20150531_150850.jpg 
A quick picture of the front with the headlights sitting on the fenders to show roughly what they'll look like.
 photo 20150531_151310.jpg  photo 20150531_150902.jpg
A pile of various stuff that came with it. Not much.
The top isn't bad. Mostly just needs a good scrub and shine. No rips or holes. Maybe just a little lucky there.
Radiator is scrap as far as I'm concerned.
Some of those little indicator lights might be used. I think I might like them OK.
Rear bumper is OK, just needs to be re-attached.
 photo 20150531_151142.jpg